Haridham Grand Opening

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Haridham Grand Opening

Over 5,000 attendees

Planning for an unprecedented three-day outdoor tented event, with an expected attendance of over 5,000 people per day, involved several site visits, precise logistics, accurate details, local permits, new construction, and vendor coordination.

Birchwood Manor is no stranger to large conventions and exhibitions, having held numerous events of this size in the past, both indoors and outdoors. What made this particular event challenging was the need to construct two outdoor tents, with adequate capacity for staging, lighting, audio/visual, and seating.

Birchwood administrators coordinated with the client, local officials, and tent contractor to meet all required regulatory compliance. With every detail in order, and legalities secured, construction of the two tents began in the back parking lot, a week prior to the event.

The main tent was used for presentations and measured 312’ x 131’ with a 40’ x 60’ stage. The second tent was used solely for dining and measured 240’ x 100’, with tables and chairs set up to accommodate 2,300 people at each mealtime. Cabling was run for audio/visual, lights were strung, and speakers were mounted from the frames.

Under the tents, audiences gathered each day for live presentations of speeches, sermons, ceremonies, performances, and dining. On the final day there was also live video streaming on giant screens that were set on stage.

Dedicated driveways and on-site parking provided easy entering and exiting for all buses and cars. Traffic control workers were positioned throughout the property to handle the flow.

Meticulous attention to detail and coordinated efforts made this event a huge success!


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