MHS Project Graduation

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MHS Project Graduation

Morristown High School held its annual gift basket auction and fashion show fundraiser event in April to benefit the senior class for their Project Graduation. The theme of this year’s event, “Big Cities, Big Dreams”, celebrated our cities’ unique qualities through menu items such as Memphis barbecue chicken, Baltimore crab cakes, and Key West key lime pie.

Planning for this year’s event was challenging as the situation remained fluid due to the pandemic, with state mandated indoor dining restrictions frequently changing throughout the months of preparation, sometimes causing setbacks.

As the date grew nearer, it was decided to hold the gift basket auction outdoors. Nearly one hundred gift basket prizes were set up in the front parking lot for previewing.

It was also decided that a tent for dining would be the best solution to the mandated inside capacity restrictions. Having an outdoor tent was also expected to attract more attendees that may otherwise be concerned or hesitant about indoor dining and gatherings. The dinner and fashion show were set up on the opposite side of the property under the tent in Ann Farrell’s driveway.

Throughout the process, Birchwood administration remained flexible, monitoring the situation and communicating any new developments to the client. The client kept an open mind and was understanding and resourceful with altering their setup when necessary.

In the end, what mattered most was the success of the fundraiser and that guests had a much-needed and enjoyable evening out.


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