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Tingting & Siyu

Mid-Autumn Wedding

Tingting and Siyu chose a special mid-autumn date for their daytime wedding. The Pergola was decorated with white rose garlands and lanterns, and pairs of baby’s breath wreaths hung from each of the six archways of the bridal aisle, through which Tingting was escorted to meet her groom.

A bountiful wedding reception followed and everyone celebrated with music and dancing all afternoon. Tingting and Siyu were having the time of their lives and didn’t want it to end. They gifted elaborate boxes of mooncakes to their guests to enjoy later that evening.

The date they had chosen for their wedding was also the date of this year’s Mid-Autumn Festival, also known as the Moon Festival or Mooncake Festival, a traditional festival celebrated with family reunions, by eating mooncakes, and worshiping the harvest moon in the night sky.

Everyone hurried away with excitement to continue celebrating the evening’s festivities with family.

Wishing Tingting & Siyu many moons of happiness together!


Kind words from Tingting & Siyu ~

“We just got married here this September 2021 and we can’t recommend it enough! Great location, beautiful inside set, outside garden area, and beautiful ceremony architecture, plenty of parking spaces, and beautiful views, and so on. The manager, Michael, is amazing and was so helpful the entire way through. The every aspect of this place is simply beautiful. Food was amazing, service even better but nothing beats the ambiance of the place!”


Photography by @kriswind007


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